Oxiinc Group (EROCKETMALL ONLINE ASIA LIMITED Terms of Service for E-Panelist Enrolments and Digital Account Upgradation

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Welcome To Oxiinc Group Website. If You Continue To Browse And Use This Website You Are Agreeing To Comply With And Be Bound By The Following Terms And Conditions Of Use, Which Together With Our Privacy Policy Govern Oxiinc Group Relationship With You In Relation To This Website.

Oxiinc Group Of Companies Does Not Support Any Kind/Sort Of Multi-Level Marketing. Investment Program And Including But Not Limited To Money Circulation Program. Oxiinc Group Is Also Not Liable To Provide Any Returns. Hence, Kindly Read And Understand The Business Model And The Documents Of The Company Before Joining It, Thank You!

Oxiinc Group Of Companies Aims At Digitalisation Of India, Mere Business Is Not Our Goal! We Here At Oxiinc Group Of Companies Wish To Strengthen India Through Digital Electronic Devices And (IT) Information Technology! Hence Oxiinc Group Introduces- Oxiinc Group Of Companies: EROCKETMALL ONLINE ASIA LIMITED , OXIINC DIGITAL E-PANELIST MEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, OXIINC ENEWS MEDIA BROADCASTING PRIVATE LIMITED, HELP2ALL FOUNDATION.


IT Infrastructure & Software Development Company


E-Commerce, B2B, B2C, Business & Service Listing Web Site


Consumers Empowerment on Digital media platform with digital business


Indian Video Social Media Company Improve-Express-Share


Market Research And 100 % Real Feedback Data Collection Company


Indian Social Media Website and Applications


Enchate Messenger Application is a freeware, cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP service


Electronic Media TV Cannel for India Empowerment


NGO for Digital Education, Employment System Development, Health & Wellness Development, and To Help needy people


Payment Wallet & Payment Gateway & Utility Payments, hotel Booking Flight Ticket and More.


Farmers Empowerment & Agriculture Development With Direct Export Internationally


Free Job Services Portal


Online Book Publishing Website For Editor And Writer


Logistic Services


Cab Services


Indian Search Engine


Thanks For Using Our Products And Services (“Services”). The Services Are Provided By Oxiinc Group (EROCKETMALL ONLINE ASIA LIMITED), Located At Maharashtra India. By Using Our Services, You Are Agreeing To These Terms And Condition . Please Read Them Carefully. Our Services Are Very Diverse, So Sometimes Additional Terms Or Product Requirements (Including Age Requirements) May Apply. Additional Terms Will Be Available With The Relevant Services, And Those Additional Terms Become Part Of Your Agreement With Us If You Use Those Services. The E-Panelist Are Required To Read Thoroughly The Terms And Conditions, Policies And Procedures, Code Of Ethics And Business Opportunities Of The Company As Given From The Website Named "www.oxiinc.in" . This E-Panelist /Agreement Form Is Considered As And Authentic And Legally Binding Document. This Contract Is Between The (Herein After Referred To As (E-Panelist) And (OXIINC GROUP) EROCKETMALL ONLINE ASIA LIMITED (Herein After Referred To As Company).


If the E-Panelist agreed to adhere and abide by the condition mentioned here under and in the website named "www.oxiinc.in" He/She shall become a E-Panelist on the purchase of E-Panelist panel fee to the Firm by way of a Credit card/Net banking/demand draft .


After Payment Confirmation Company Provide Promo Code For E-Panelist Digital Account Activation And Promo Code Validity Is One Year, After Account Activation E-Panelist Buy Products From Our E-Commerce Website www.oxiinc.in Mens , Womens Baby And Kids Clothing and Accessory Etc.


The E-Panelist should have completed minimum 18 years of age and shall be competent to enter in to contract as provided in the 'India Contract Act'.


If the E-Panelist is Partnership firm/ Private Ltd. Company, then the E-Panelist has to provide all necessary document pertaining to firm/company during the E-Panelist registration.


For Joining As An Independent E-Panelist Of The Firm. The E-Panelist Will Have To Make The Products Purchase Payment Towards E-Panelist Panel / Sub Panel Fee By Way Of A Credit Card/Net Banking/ Demand Draft, In Name Of "EROCKETMALL ONLINE ASIA LIMITED" Payable At Company Office Address. Andheri East Mumbai Maharashtra.


If any body makes any payment in cash, it will be at his/her own risk and under no circumstances will be answerable to such unauthorized cash payment,


The Initial Payment Made By The E-Panelist Is Towards Enrolling As An Independent E-Panelist And The Same Is Not Refundable Under Any Circumstances. All The Panels, Sub Panel, Products Includes GST, Digital Account Service Fee, Training/Education Fee And Administrative Costs.


The E-Panelist Will Be Eligible For Incentives Or Income Only As Per The Volume Of Business and Company Programs And Services Participation Done By Him, I.E. Also Subject To The Eligibility Norms To The E-Panelist On Only His/Her Joining The Firm.


The independent E-Panelist will not be an employee of the Firm. He/she cannot bind the Firm in any authority or to speak on behalf of the Firm.


The Company Will Approve The E-Panelist Panel, Sub Panel By Issuing Of Official Receipt / Tax Invoice And An Online Registration, Which Will Carry The Password And An Identification Number Generated By Company. The Password And E-Panelist ID Used For All His/Her Transaction And Correspondence With The Company. The E-Panelist ID Once Generate Can Not Be Altered.


The Company Will be Not Entertain Any Complaint or Communication Without E-Panelist Id.


The E-Panelist Has To Pay Annual Renewal Fees ( E-Panelist Dubara) At The End Of The 48 Weeks Of Their Membership As Per The Norms Of The Company. Trimming And Services Charges Will Be Deducted As Per Company Norms. GST/TDS Will Be Deducted As Formulated By The Indian Government!


In case of E-Panelist in name of Partnership firm, the Partnership firms have to submit partnership deeds and relevant documents.


All Individual E-Panelist Should Adhere To Rules And Regulations Formed By The Company And If Any Of The E-Panelist Is Found Guilty Of Not Observing The Same, Then She/He Will Be Terminated From The Company.


The Company Reserves All Rights To Terminate A E-Panelist.


Once A E-Panelist Is Terminated She/he Can Not Enter Any Of The Company Premises/Meeting Location And His/her Incentive/Income Will Be Stopped Immediately.


The E-Panelist shall bear true faith and all commitment towards the Firm and shall uphold the integrity and decorum of the Firm and shall maintain good relation with other client.


The Company Will Not Be Answerable For Any Promise, Assurance Given By Any E-Panelist To Any Person, Unless It Is In Accordance With The Approved Business Model Or Terms And Conditions Of The Company.


Hence The E-Panelist Shall Go Through The Website (www.oxiincgroup.com) For More Updates And Details Of The Company's Guideline.


All The E-Panelist Shall Ensure That ,All The Information KYC Documents Provided By Them Towards The Company Is Correct And Properly Entered. Company Reserves All Rights To Terminate or Block Your E-Panelist Account If Found incomplete Document and Fake / Wrong information.


Any Request For Correction Furnished By The E-Panelist, His / Her Proposers Or Placement Details Will Not Be Entertained, The Firm Reserves The Right To Reject Any E-Panelist Panel /Sub Panel / Applicant At Its Own Discretion.


The Company Reserves The Right To Modify The Terms And Conditions. Products, Schemes, Business And Policies, Giving Prior Notice Through Its Website Be "www.oxiinc.in" Binding On All E-Panelist Of The Company.


The Terms And Conditions Within Above Mentioned Shall Be Governed In Accordance With The Law In Force In The Territories Of India.


Disputes, If Any Dispute Of Difference Arises Between The Parties Here Of Touching The Business Of Interpretation Of Any Terms And Conditions Or As To Incentives, Income Etc. Shall Be Subjected To Exclusive Jurisdiction Of The Court Of INDIA.


Real Business Of The Company, The Same Shall Be Referred To Arbitration And Shall Be Governed By The "Arbitration And Conciliation Act. 2013" The E-Panelist Has To Provide All Correct Information In The Term.


If Due To Change In Govt. Policies Or Enactment Of Laws, The Company Business Is Stopped Then Company Will Not Liable For Any Kind Of Claims, Reimbursement And Compensation.


The E-Panelist Shall Not Compel Or Induce Or Mislead Any Person With Any False Statement / Promise To Join In The Company As A E-Panelist. If Any E-Panelist Works Against The Terms And Conditions Of The Company Or Enjoins People On The Basis Of Wrong/Fake/Invalid Promises, Then The Company Reserves Complete Rights To Terminate His/Her E-Panelist Account And The Company Will Not Own Any Liability To Compensate Any Losses Occurred Due To Such False Practice. We Kindly Request The E-Panelists To Read Company’s Business Model Before Joining. We Appreciate Your Cooperation, Thank You!